What is Vera?

What kind of restaurant is Vera? Maybe I should talk about what Vera isn't.  Vera is a small independent, family run restaurant/business. We are not part of a restaurant group, or chain, or franchise. Our resources are limited. We don't have fancy kitchen equipment. We don't have a cool modern design. We don't have a huge wine list with vertical listings of hard to get vintages. We don't have a big PR/marketing firm. I could go on about all the things we can't afford or things that are just not possible in a small independent restaurant. But what do we have? 


We have heart and soul. We have passion and enthusiasm.  We have a burining desire to make our guests happy with great service and delicious food prepared simply with no pretense. We have a small but carefully and lovingly put together wine list. Vera is our home. We spend more time at Vera than our home and we don't mind because it allows us to do what we love.  Recently we had a guest comment that as many times as they had been to Vera not once did they feel like they were in a restaurant,  they felt like they were in our home. That was the biggest compliment we could have ever received.  

We wanted to create a place where people could enjoy a nice dinner, enjoy each others company, and feel like they mattered. Remember those restaurants? It seems like a lot of them are going away. 

Vera is not trendy, or cool, I suppose. But we understand the meaning of hospitality.  We put the guests needs ahead of our own. We know that there are so many great restaurants in Chicago, so many options, and are grateful for each and every person that walks through our door.