Fall is here.


" Autumn wins you best by this its mute  appeal to sympathy for its decay. " 

--Robert Browning

Fall is my favorite time of year without a doubt. The cool nights and windy days comfort me like an old baggy sweater. The first thing that comes to mind is apples. Roasted apples, apple pie, apple cider, apple brandy, or simlpy sliced raw and tossed with some nuts and cheese in a salad. Squash, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, greens, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, are all starting to emerge from summer's ending heat. At Vera we are working on some new fall dishes, simple and straightforward as ever, yet deliscious as well. We will be changing the menu soon to reflect the season, oxtails braised with rioja, served with butternut squash puree, or maybe roasted brussel sprouts with anchovy vinaigrette, perhaps a beet salad with whipped feta cheese, all might make an appearance .  We will be tweaking and tasting all week and if you come in this week you will probably get an advance peek.  As always if there are any questions or anything I can help you with  my email is mark@verachicago.com and thank you.